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To showcase the West Midlands business’s BIM capability, the BIMwm Framework is compiling an online library of BIM objects and families that have been created in various 3D formats, (both native and IFC).  This library will be the de facto source for all manufacturer BIM objects in the West Midlands. It’s presence and use will be marketed and encouraged to all clients, designers, specifiers, architects, and contractors across the region and further afield too. If you have existing BIM object or family we have the skills and experience to review suitability - if you don’t, we can help you cost effectively create them.


The BIM Product Library helps encourage the early specification of your products and solutions.  Providing optimised BIM objects, helps shorten design time, minimise design coordination risks and provide clearer visibility of costs, both pre-and post-contract award all of which help ensure that your product will remain specified -  As a product manufacturer, can you afford not to be on it?



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