Common Data Environment

Through our Prime Delivery Partner, BIMwm offer a unique platform called The Hub that can host anything from a standalone development to a digital city.  You have full control and can give access to multiple individuals and organisations to collaborate and build the digital version of the physical building, before construction takes place as well as host the post construction, as built digital twin.


The platform provides access to tools that help minimise costs during retention, operation & maintenance and asset lifecycles and allow you to remove the costs and risks of paper.


The Hub can also be used to store key business data sets such as post project and financial data, minimising costs and risks to your business. The Hub is 100% cloud based, has guaranteed availability and military grade security. Moving your data to the hub not only removes the cost of hardware, maintenance, obsolescence and depreciation from your business, it also ensures that your business automatically complies with both European Data and BIM data storage, security requirements. Simply put, for a relatively minimal investment, we allow you to extract the maximum whole life value from your BIM.



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