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Implementing BIM may mean significant process change within your organisation.  It’s all too easy to go off at tangents, lose time and money and expose yourself to unnecessary costs and risks.  The BIMwm Framework is here to support you and your business.  Our ’BIMwm Accelerator’ assessment process will help you evaluate your BIM readiness from a holistic perspective and identify areas of your organisation that need support, development, investment and training.


We will help you construct a BIM process delivery roadmap that addresses the developmental requirements that are identified in the ‘BIMwm Accelerator’ process.   Using this roadmap, we will define and help you implement BIM processes across your business.  Naturally, this process delivers the tools, document templates, training, process guides and knowledge that will not only help you and your team win, manage and successfully deliver BIM projects, but also provide the ability to measure the success and impact that BIM has made to your business.



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